Chyangsar – Tin roofs have been used in many ways

AC 1701 bleche chyangsar4 AC 1701 bleche chyangsar3 AC 1701 bleche changsar2 AC 1510 chyangsar - verteilung3

New pictures reached us these days from the region Solukhumbu and the village Chyangsar. They show how our metal sheets were used during the reconstruction after the 2015 earthquake. Where enough wood was available from the destroyed houses, wooden huts were built and covered with metal plates. Other plates were used in the construction of emergency accommodations. Other houses were newly built and the sheets are only used now.

As the region was scarcely supported by the government, people were dependent on private initiatives after the earthquake 2015. In Chyangsar almost all houses were destroyed, not only by the quake itself but also by the lowering of the narrow terraces. Roots for Life donated aluminum sheets for 56 roofs and also transported them to the villages and often remote homes. We are pleased that today, with our help, we have played a large part in the reconstruction of the village.

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