Violence against Women

Violence against women in Nepal is still rampant despite several attempts to fight against this social illness. Women
face physical assaults, mental torture, sexual harassment, rape, partiality in offices, disappearance, killing and character assassination.  Gender based violence is even an increasing trend. It was prevalent in the society in the past and continues to thrive in the present day, too. Increasing population and lack of job opportunities have caused the rise in the number of VAW cases, experts say.  Cases of VAW are also seen frequently in the educated family. However, VAW and domestic violence are highest in the poor and uneducated households. Women are often compelled to tolerate the domestic violence because they aren’t self dependent. Having no rights over parental property and lack of job opportunity are making women endure the violence silently. Women are discriminated since their birth. The constitution has given rights to women. There are even rules and regulations to prevent VAW, but the problem is the lack of implementation into culture and daily life.