Happy Birthday Menuka Thapa

During her Nepal project tour in March 2017, Carola Gosch had the opportunity to personally congratulate our friend and contact person at Raksha Nepal. Menuka Thapa is the founder and chairperson of the organization Raksha Nepal. She has been fighting against the sexual exploitation of women and children, for their rights and their empowerment for over 10 years. She founded and leads a care center for women and children in Kathmandu, which is supported by Roots for Life. Thanks to her work Raksha Nepal can help exploited women and girls to escape their situation by providing them with a safe and caring protection for them and their children. Raksha Nepal also gives them a new opportunity to build up a dignified livelihood by giving them skills and knowledge for empowerment and success. Today we just say, thank you, dear Menuka, that you bring so much energy into this valuable work to help so many women and girls and that you inspire many more people by doing this. Happy Birthday!