Children express their gratitude

After the children’s rooms had been completed in Kathshamu’s care center Raksha Nepal, the children were able to move in. This caused an amazing and touching wave of gratitude by both the care team and the children. To get an impression, we are happy to share the original messages here.

These are the words of Iswori Thapa, matron at Raksha Nepal care center:

“The children really felt lucky that they have their only one granny which gives brightness in their future like sunshine. In our sweet home many children lives here. Among them some children lived here more than six years, some for three years and some are newly arrived but this is the first experience of everyone living in such types of nice rooms. Every one have their own problem in their life although they are trying to be happy and keep smile in their face this is very big achievement for us.

They have 8 member in each room. Each rooms have one elder ( room leader) for care and support to other children at sleeping time.

Here is some picture of room they decorated by them-self and name list of room member.

Thank you so much for every things and hope for the best in future.”

And these are the words of the children:

“Our Respected Granny,

God is not everywhere so he created grandmother. Granny, we don’t have any words to express about you and your love. You are so incredible person in our life. Having wishes is not the greatest. There must be some ways so that wishes can be fulfilled. You are such an angel who magically fulfills our wishes without caring anything.

You know granny we missed you so much today. Finally our wish to be in heavenly room is fulfilled. Yes, we shifted to the new beautiful room’s today granny. Really our eyes were full of tears when we shifted to the new rooms. Thank you Granny from our inner core of heart for providing us with all the precious things which supports us for good  study, healthy life and peaceful mind so that we can tackle with every struggle coming in our way.

Study is the most important part of human’s life. And without good environment we can’t focus on our study. Thank you granny for providing everything. You are the most important part of our life. We promise you we will always make you proud and never misuse your love. If you would not be in our life we would never be happy in life. So please keep coming to us and give your lots of love and care as well as proper guidelines to us. We love and respect you all from our heart. Always keep smiling and we will always give you reason to be happy in life with our best performance.

We all love and miss you granny.

Love you, Love you, Love you

Our best granny in the whole world.”