Vishwakarma Puja for success and a good future

For Nepalese people, tradition is an important part of life. Rituals and festivals go through all areas of everyday life, including work. The carpenters of Karma Living Nepal celebrated the festival Vishwakarma Puja, in honor of the “divine architect” Vishwakarma. According to the legend, he designed the palaces, chariots, and weapons of the goddesses and gods. On the first day of the month Ashwin craftswomen (and men), mechanics, workers ask for success and a secure future. They decorate their machines and vehicles with red cloths and garlands. Our carpenters have obviously been heard by Vishwakarma, the work is going well and the women are making a lot of progress!

New plates are ready.
The machines get decorated.
Incense for Rituals.
A traditional Tika for the festival.