Eine Nachricht für Muna

Muna hat im Betreuungszentrum in Kathmandu Raksha Nepal selbst einmal Hilfe gesucht – und gefunden. Nun lebt sie immer noch dort und arbeitet mit, wo sie kann. Ihre Geschichte hat Carola Gosch dazu motiviert in Nepal aktiv zu werden. Nun drückt Carola ihre Dankbarkeit aus:

Dear Muna,
we became FB-Friends 4 years ago, the day I became your granny. Your story was one of the first I discovered in Nepal and a main raison to start Roots for Life, cooperation with Raksha Nepal and your mom, my daughter Menuka Thapa. Since than a lot happened, you always pick me up at the airport, ask me about my health the whole year, search my support by asking me lots of questions about life, bring me banana and you even try to be in european time when we meet. Sometimes I feel old and tired – like yesterday – and I ask myself, how long will I be able to continue this work. I told you and you said „you must come until I can afford to come to you“. Thank you so much – I’m really touched by your love and will always love you.

Your Granny Carola