A festival for women and children

So that the cooperation with the women from Ghunsa works well it needs a lot of preparation. There have been four meetings so far. The first was to find out whether the women’s community is in principle suitable for a project in the field of agriculture. The fourth, however, was special: all women came to Chyangsar with their children and together they celebrated a colorful feast. Eating together, playing, tinkering and getting to know each other – synergies can only be used if it works on a relationship level and everybody understands each other.

While the children formed figures out of clay or played “duck-duck-goose”, there was time to interview the women in individual conversations. Among other things, we were able to find out a lot about their family or nutritional situation, what problems they face and what they expect from a cooperation with Roots for Life. This is important to adapt the project to the individual situation of the women of #Ghunsa and to start a cooperation of equal partners.



“Hey, he cheated!”
Many beautiful figures made of clay.
New tracksuits for the scholarship holder!
Playing makes tired. ­čÖé
In the meantime there is time to talk to the women.
Watching the spectacle from a good viewpoint.