My Book Buddy Project

It has been 1 year already that Shree Janabika’s Secondary School has been provided with age-appropriate books as part of the My Book Buddy project by Soroptimist International of Europe. Carola Gosch worked together with Soroptimist Wien Vivata and Soroptimist Kathmandu, Nepal. So the kids get encouraged to read more. Now the teachers have sent their reports, they are all positive! No books were lost and the kids had a great time reading. Even some of the parents have occasionally looked into the books and were able to improve their own reading skills. The most popular are fantasy stories, but the children still want poetry books and non-fiction books. All in all, the project was a success, we hope it will last a long time!



Every classroom has a little book-closet, also the little ones have age-appropriate books now.


They are very interested what the cupboards has to offer.


Every book has to go into a list before it can be handed out, to make sure they don’t get lost.


Reading is fun!


Every child also got a book-bag in blue.


This boy is very happy about his Book Buddy Bag 🙂