Landpurchase in Ghunsa

The land purchase in Ghunsa could finally be completed! Now nothing stands in the way of the start of the farm project in the village. The women from Ghunsa have also joined the cooperative of the women from Chyangsar. Together they are even stronger, have even more influence and are now attending trainings conducted by Partner Social Work Institute. However, this is not only about vegetable cultivation, because new members in the cooperative also mean more need for discussion. Each member has their tasks and duties, nobody should be treated unfairly, all processes must be fair and transparent. Only when the foundations have been laid can the cooperative act independently and sustainably in the future without help. The purchase of the land was made possible above all by the support of the Networker for Humanity. Now nothing stands in the way of the great development of the second model farm in the project with Chay Ya Nepal & Chay Ya Austria and the subsidies of the Vorarlberg state government.



Susila is proud to hand over the money of the cooperative to the former owner!
This is now owned by the cooperative,