Grains can be ground again in the village

The women’s cooperative in Chyangsar is already submitting applications to the government itself! In Nepal this can be a very big bureaucratic effort, respect. Now they have received money for trees to secure slopes against landslides. They have buried them in voluntary work so that they can use the money for the purchase of a mill. In order to get the full amount for the purchase, the cooperative wanted to collect the rest from the residents. A small house for the mill has already been built in the centre of the village, everything was ready, but now the small hydroelectric power station has also entered and the village has no electricity since October, the costs for the repair are still unclear and there is hardly any money for it! We are happy to help out and still help to buy the mill. This means that grain and maize can be ground directly in the village. So far it had to be carried uphill for about 1 hour to the next village and paid extra for the mill there.



Carola Gosch is testing the mill!
Everybody is relieved that there is a mill again.