Kids Club – A pilot project with potential

In the mostly very poor families in the village Chyangsar there are tensions, because some children do not get a scholarship. As early as 2018, siblings received clothing and material from Roots for Life. In December 2018, a children’s group, the “Kids Club”, was founded as a subgroup of the agricultural cooperative and is open to all children. Here they will be able to dance, learn and read together in the new training hall. At the same time, the children take on social tasks in the village and help, for example, with waste separation. Starting in 2019, Roots for Life will make the budget of a number of scholarships available to the Kids Club in a trial run. This budget will be planned together with our assistant Kusang Tamang, whereby girls will still have to receive a large part of the funds.



Everybody dance now!
Some kids from the club. They love it!
As a thank you, Carola Gosch received the “Granny medal” from the Kids Club.