Interview with Radha Paudel

Radha Paudel, founder of the Radha Paudel Foundation is active in Nepal and internationally, especially in the field of menstruation. Especially the tradition Chhaupadi, the banishment during the menstruation and the awareness of one’s own body are still acute topics in Nepal. She has been supporting Roots for Life as a friend and consultant for a long time. After meeting her last year in Vienna, Carola Gosch will visit her again this time! The Austrian Development Agency magazine “Weltnachrichten” asked Radha what her message is to women and girls in Nepal:
“Women are just as valuable as men. They deserve just as much dignity, even during their menstruation. We women must stand up for our rights. And men must also stand up for equal treatment and support their wives and daughters.”
We also want to spread this message with our projects and strengthen women and girls!
The whole interview can be read here on page 26:
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