Visit of the training centre in Pokhara

A new chance get girls and women in the various training programmes of the Opportunity Village in Pokhara. Carola Gosch visited the training centre, 9 girls and women from the programme were present. They are on average 22 years old, about 65 women profit annually from this program through different courses. 10 of them are accepted into the mentoring program, 4 of them financed by Roots for Life. For these women, their suitability and interests are first analysed, the papers and important documents are secured and a plan for the future is drawn up together with their families. Together they work for a better future. We keep our fingers crossed for them!



Aussagen der Frauen nach dem Training.
An overview of the entire anti-trafficking program of OVN.
OVN and RfL reach out to the women to support them.