More vegetables in Pokhara

After Carola Gosch connected the management of the children’s home with the Social Work Institute two years ago and Roots for Life supported the evaluation, much has changed. There is a new employee for the garden, the areas are better used, seeds are produced by the team themself. One greenhouse is already in use, the second one is financed by RfL and will be built soon. Especially in this region it is important to protect against hail, too much rain and too much sunlight. Other types of vegetables can be grown to increase the variety.



The street near the children’s house is being renovated – the journey is difficult again.
The last part of the walk is only on foot, it is unclear who will finance the road here.
The girls are happy about the visit.
Some are still in learning stress for the final exams.
This is where the new greenhouse will be.
Many good seeds are already harvested.