Lungis for everybody

…were there in Chyangsar and Ghunsa for all women of the cooperative, of course also for Carola Gosch. This very practical garment is a tradition in the area. Above all, in order to feel comfortable at the many small celebrations in the group, it is important for every woman to have a beautiful Lungi. It is a tube made of beautiful fabric, which gets some longitudinal folds to do justice to all sizes. Some women from Chyangsar were unfortunately ill, their husbands came to receive the Lungis and of course had to put them on as well. 🙂



More than 40 women of the cooperative wear the new lungis, the dressing was done very fast.
….so also the men of the sick women, who provided so much fun.
For Carola Gosch there were different techniques – but the main thing is that it holds!
Each member of the cooperative proudly receives their Lungi. (In Chyangsar)
The large group picture should not be missing here either. (In Ghunsa)