The model farms are certified

…with the support of our new cooperation partner HASERA Permaculture Learning Center. The organization was founded in 1992 and helps the women’s cooperative in Chyangsar and Ghunsa to get a certification for organic vegetable cultivation within the next two years. Carola Gosch was able to seal the long-term cooperation during her visit. An expert will regularly visit the model farms in Chyangsar and Ghunsa to adapt the cultivation plans and activities in order to create sustainable and natural cycles. The training farms of the Sagarmatha Milijuli Mahila Sahakaari can thus work independently of the use of chemical additives and hybrid seeds.



Namaraj Silwal from Social Work Institute, Carola Gosch and Govinda Sharma from HASERA.
Hasera attaches great importance to building its own seed banks.
Here the possibilities for a “house garden” are demonstrated.
The experts also show the use of the steep surfaces at the steps.
Namaraj Silwal and Rajkumar Rai of the Social Work Institute are particularly interested in dealing with seedlings.