The cooperation in Ghunsa is sealed

…between Chay Ya Nepal and the Social Work Institute. The project is already running, but now all formalities have been completely clarified. Already in 2017 Sabine Klotz of Chay Ya Austria and Sristi Silwal of Chay Ya Nepal visited the model farm in Chyangsar. They were very impressed and the idea was born to implement the concept together with the Social Work Institute in Ghunsa. We are all looking forward to a successful and sustainable cooperation.

Many thanks to our supporters, above all the provincial government of Vorarlberg and the Networker for Humanity. Their generous support makes these important activities possible.



2019 the formal conclusion of the contract 🙂
2019 finally the official start with Ramkumari Lama, Carola Gosch, Namaraj Silwal and Kamal Thapa in Ghunsa.
In 2018 there were many one-on-one interviews after the hearing.
2017 Sristi Silwal, Carola Gosch and Sabine Klotz in Chyangsar.