There are many reasons

…why girls don’t get an education. At the Zonta International conference on forced and early marriage, Carola Gosch spoke with Quentin Wodon of the World Bank about the issue. In an article for the Online-Magazine Medium he summarizes the reasons well:

1. Bad learning results and costs.

2. Failure in exams.

3. Lack of secondary schools nearby.

4. Married girls are often not allowed to attend school.

5. They must never go to school because the parents themselves have never received school education or register too late. (And are then no longer taken)

6. Firstborns often have to help in the household and thus have little chance of education.

But what are the solutions?

According to Quentin Wodon, measures must be taken to improve educational opportunities and raise awareness in society. In addition, programmes that provide economic opportunities for women and investment in education for girls and their families help.

This is the approach that Roots for Life follows with its scholarships for girls and the special process of exchange with parents. The training farm for women from Chyangsar and Ghunsa offers them new perspectives and opportunities.

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