More than happy

…the tailor is on site in Ghunsa. Even after the earthquake he still lives in a house made of corrugated iron, now he has a big order, because our new scholarship holders in Ghunsa need school uniforms. After measuring the girls, he now sews outdoors. This takes longer than procuring the uniforms in Kathmandu, but the added value remains in the village!

Many thanks at this point to all our godparents. Since we have now also accepted ALL girls in Ghunsa into the scholarship programme, we are urgently looking for more godparents to continue the programme successfully.



Unsere neuen Stipendiatinnen in Ghunsa – wir freuen uns.
Our new scholarship holders in Ghunsa – we are happy.
Zuerst müssen die Stoffe zu Fuß ins Dorf getragen werden.
First the fabrics have to be carried to the village on foot.
Zunächst werden alle Mädchen versammelt.
First, all the girls are gathered together.
Und gleich kann die Vermessung starten.
And the measuring can start right away.
Auch die Kleinen freuen sich auf die Schulkleidung.
Also the little ones are looking forward to the school clothes.