Through valuable expertise

…according to the rules of permaculture, the women in Ghunsa are trained in farm management. The experts choose a practical approach – learning by doing! This is the best way to learn. This training consists of many different elements: Building stable greenhouses, building water reservoirs for irrigation and as a habitat for beneficial insects as well as correct planting of the seedlings.

Together with Chay Ya Nepal and Chay Ya Austria we continue the success story of Chyangsar here! Many thanks to the province of Vorarlberg, who contribute significantly to the financing of this project.



Gemeinsam erfolgt die Planung, einige Frauen machen Aufzeichnungen.
The planning takes place together, some women take notes.
Besonders wichtig die Aufbereitung des eigenen Saatgutes.
Especially important is the preparation of the own seed.
Das Arbeiten nach Plan ist wichtig, es wird genau ausgemessen.
Working according to plan is important, it is precisely measured.
Dann wird das Becken mit Folie ausgelegt und bef├╝llt.
The pool is then covered with foil and filled.