Tomatoes are in high demand

…in the village of #Chyangsar. Until now, they were only available as imported goods from southern Nepal or India. After the plants from the greenhouses have been placed in the fields, the space is used for tomatoes. There it is warm enough and the plants are protected from the rain. But there is also a lot of activity in the fields outside: pulses are cultivated here as an important source of protein.

Many thanks to FairStyria, who are once again making the main contribution to the farm’s operation in 2019.



Auch der Bereich rund ums Farmhaus wird liebevoll bepflanzt.
The area around the farmhouse is also lovingly cultivated.
Bewässert wird im Gewächshaus und draußen vorrangig manuell.
Watering in the greenhouse and outside is mainly done manually.
Die Felder rund um die Gewächshäuser sind voll.
The fields around the greenhouses are full.
Beim gemeinsamen Arbeiten auf der Modellfarm wird Wissen weitergegeben.
When working together on the model farm, knowledge is passed on.
Pflanzliches Eiweiß – ein wichtiger Bestandteil ausgewogener Ernährung.
Vegetable protein – an important component of a balanced diet.