Malnutrition, what are the reasons?

About 1.4 billion of the world’s 2 billion malnourished people are women and girls. Besides poverty, climate change, declining biodiversity and lack of access to education, there are other reasons that only affect women. Through patriarchal social structures they have little or no access to their own land, education and positions in which decisions can be made. In addition, they are often exposed to a higher workload and need more nutrients. Or they simply have to stand at the back of the line while eating: First the men and boys, the women and girls get what is left over.

On the model farm in Chyangsar and Ghunsa, women not only learn how to grow their vegetables better, the women’s cooperative has also bought land itself, which belongs to all members in equal parts! Together, their voices now carry more weight, and they can better assert their concerns before official bodies!



Hier das Ergebnis: In einem anderen Gewächshaus sind schon die Pflänzchen zu sehen. Sie gedeihen wunderbar!
Here is the result: In another greenhouse the plants can already be seen. They thrive wonderfully!
In den Gewächshäusern sind die Setzlinge vor Wind und Wetter geschützt.
In the greenhouses the seedlings are protected from wind and weather.
Die Frauen stehen Seite an Seite in ihrem Kampf um Selbstbestimmung.
The women stand side by side in their struggle for independence.