Field school

…is the name of the approach in which experts work together with the women. Every step is discussed, shown and practiced. Much is new for the women and it takes time for confidence in the change to develop and for the results to become visible. Repeating these training sessions again and again, recognising failures quickly and correcting them again are the main activities in the field school on the model farms in Chyangsar and Ghunsa. The women can also try out what they have learned in their private fields and go through any difficulties that have arisen during the next training session with the experts.

Many thanks to FairStyria for the reliable financial support in Chyangsar.

Many thanks to the country of Vorarlberg for the financial support of our cooperational project with Chay Ya Austria and Chay Ya Nepal in Ghunsa.



Einige der Teilnehmerinnen vor der Trainingshalle in Chyangsar.
Some of the participants in front of the training hall in Chyangsar.
Bei den Übungen werden auch oft Kleingruppen gebildet um intensiver arbeiten zu können.
During the exercises small groups are often formed in order to work more intensively.
Wenn alle Frauen zu den Trainings kommen, herrscht reger Betrieb auf den Feldern!
When all the women come to the training sessions, the fields are very busy!