Our beans

…are now ready for harvesting in the finished greenhouse. In spring the seeds were handed over by Carola Gosch, now the vegetables are on the table 🙂
Despite difficulties with road construction and the rough rainy season, the greenhouse for the OVN children’s house in Pokhara was completed. Now there are good vegetables and the opportunity for the girls to get even more involved in gardening – as the work also has a therapeutic benefit!



Geschützt vor dem Regen kann der Boden vorbereitet werden.
Protected from the rain, the ground can be prepared.
Das letzte Stück war nur zu Fuß möglich…
The last part was only possible on foot…
Durch die Wärme dauert es nicht lange und die ersten Früchte sind erntereif.
Due to the heat it does not take long and the first fruits are ready to be harvested.
Anders als in den Bergen wird hier mit Metall und Steinen gearbeitet.
Unlike in the mountains, metal and stones are used here.