The Annual Report 2019

…from our partner Opportunity Village in #Pokhara is here. Detailed information about news and progress of the children is provided. At the moment the OVN takes care of about 19 girls in different school levels. 10 of them receive a scholarship from Roots for Life. Some go to private schools, others to public schools and take part in the large programme. Some have achieved good results in the Maths Olympics, the Drawing Competition and the Volleyball Tournament. This strengthens their self-confidence and makes them proud. There is always a lot to do and experience in the house, too: Momos (dumplings) are cooked together, sung, excursions are made (e.g. to the potato festival or the swimming pool) and theatre is played. In addition, it is also important for the OVN to train the children’s social responsibility: For example, the women’s day is celebrated and the background is discussed.