A training hall for Ghunsa

…will soon be a reality! Already during Carola Gosch’s visit in autumn, the women discussed where the building should stand. Now the field has been measured and the construction work will start soon. The women are already very excited, soon they will be able to meet here, hold trainings and discuss important issues.

At this point we would like to thank especially the state of Vorarlberg for supporting the project in Ghunsa. Carola Gosch from Roots for Life, Sabine Klotz from Chay Ya Austria and Santosh Silwal from Chay Ya Nepal proved to be a good team in this #cooperation project.



Genauestens wird das Gelände abgemessen.
The terrain is measured precisely.

Von unsere neuen Mitarbeiterin werden die Maße aufgeschrieben.
Our new employee writes down the measurements.
Die Frauen haben schon im Herbst beratschlagt, wo das Gebäude stehen soll. Bald können sie ähnliche Versammlungen in der Halle abhalten.
The women have already discussed in autumn where the building should be located. Soon they can hold similar meetings in the hall.