Once a granny, always a granny…

…so Carola Gosch visited the girls at Raksha Nepal again last autumn. Even though they are no longer directly involved in the scholarship program, Roots for Life supports the girls again and again. Proudly they showed their rooms, renovated by Roots for Life 2016, which they lovingly decorated with painted old paper butterflies and flowers. It was already bitterly cold in the unheated house and the girls had no warm jackets.
In the meantime the jackets promised during the visit have already arrived. This year Kusang Tamang got them for all the godchildren who do not have any yet.

Many thanks to our godmothers who made this possible!



Wie immer wurde Granny – Carola liebevoll begrüßt.
As always Granny – Carola was lovingly welcomed.
Die Zimmer sind ihr ganzer Stolz.
The rooms are her pride and joy.
Aus alten Schulheften entsteht die Dekoration.
The decoration is created from old exercise books.
Die neuen Jacken sind kuschelig warm.
The new jackets are cuddly warm.