Challenges in Ghunsa

…there have been a few lately The plants have been attacked by insects, but they are not controlled with chemicals, but with a homemade remedy. This biological insecticide with ingredients from the environment works, and nothing has to be purchased. Additionally the window of the greenhouse had to be repaired, but for Rajkumar Rai of Social Work Institute no problem!

At this point we would like to thank especially the state of Vorarlberg for supporting the project in Ghunsa and FairStyria for supporting the model farm in #Chyangsar. Carola Gosch from Roots for Life, Sabine Klotz from Chay Ya Austria and Santosh Silwal from Chay Ya Nepal proved to be a good team in this #cooperation #project.



Sie sind klein und sehen unscheinbar aus…
They’re small and nondescript looking…
Die Pflanzen aber leiden sehr darunter!
But the plants suffer a lot!
Besonders appetitlich sieht es nicht aus, trotzdem hat es eine tolle Wirkung!
It does not look particularly appetizing, but it still has a great effect!