We are devastated

…that women are still being killed by the practice of Chhaupati in Nepal. Fortunately, this practice in Solud
hutkunda almost no longer practiced. Nevertheless, it is enormously important to challenge and encourage the discussion on this topic again and again. Information events like the one with the Radha Paudel Foundation are only one of many activities that Roots for Life is carrying out in this environment.



Auch Männer kommen zu den Trainings, um sich zu informieren. Das ist extrem wichtig, um auch nachhaltig ein Umdenken zu bewirken.
Men also come to the training sessions to get information. This is extremely important to bring about a lasting change in thinking.
Radha Paudel ist es ein besonderes Anliegen auch schon die jungen Mädchen zu informieren.
Radha Paudel is it a special concern to inform already the young girls.
Jede Frau bekommt ein Trainingspaket. Darunter auch ein Buch, das das Tabu konkret thematisiert.
Every woman gets a training package. This includes a book that deals with the taboo in a concrete way.