Since spring 2019

…a lot has happened on the farm in Ghunsa. The new greenhouses are up and running, trainings have taken place, a water basin for irrigation and as an insect trap has been built and many new vegetable varieties have been tried out. If we compare the photos from a year ago, we can see what a great job the women have done!

At this point we would like to thank especially the state of Vorarlberg and Networker for Humanity for supporting the project in Ghunsa. Carola Gosch from Roots for Life, Sabine Klotz from Chay Ya Austria and Santosh Silwal from Chay Ya Nepal proved to be a good team in this cooperation project.



So haben die Flächen vor einem Jahr ausgesehen.
This is what the areas looked like a year ago.
So sieht die Modellfarm nach 1 Jahr aus, ein echter Erfolg.
This is what the model farm looks like after 1 year, a real success.
Nach dem Training werden die ersten Mischkulturbeete angelegt.
After the training, the first mixed culture plots are created.
Die Gewächshäuser werden für die Aufzucht von Pflanzen bzw. für Ernte in kalter Jahreszeit verwendet.
The greenhouses are used for the cultivation of plants or for harvesting in the cold season.
Karfiol sieht schön aus und ist gesund!
Cauliflower looks beautiful and is healthy!
Frische Erbsen werden auch von den Kindern gerne gegessen.
Fresh peas are also eaten with pleasure by the children.
Die Wege dienen nicht nur der Erreichbarkeit sondern auch dem Abfluss von Starkregen.
The paths not only serve the accessibility but also the drainage of heavy rain.