Especially proud

…we were of our girl in Kathmandu last year. In spring she could not yet pass her exams after her transfer from the village school, in autumn she was the second best in her class. Carola Gosch talked to the teachers on site and as a reward we had a trip to Kathmandu with shopping and eating in the Garden of Dreams.

Many thanks to all the godparents of our girls. Roots for Life now cares for more than 50 girls who get a chance to graduate from school thanks to our financial and moral support.




Die Lehrerinnen erklären das tolle Zeugnis.
The teachers explain the great report card.
Genau dieser rosa Schal muss es sein.
This pink scarf must be it.

Mit Kusang Tamang geht es dann wieder zufrieden zurück in die Schule.
With Kusang Tamang we go back to school satisfied.