Professional sanitary towels

…the women in Chyangsar can now make in a separate room. Carola Gosch and Kusang Tamang bought sewing machines and fabrics already in autumn, further tools like irons, press for press studs and small material now after the training at our partner Hasera in Dhulikel.
They are proud of their certificates and are now able to produce saleable bandages. This should make it possible to supply the schools in Solu-Dhutkunda.

We are proud of the women and thank the private donors, especially SI Wien Vivata, who support this project.



Die Ergebnisse können sich sehen lassen.
The results are impressive.
Stolz präsentieren die Frauen ihre Näh-Zertifikate.
The women proudly present their sewing certificates.
Schritt für Schritt mit Vorlagen wurden verschiedene Modelle geübt.
Step by step with templates different models were practiced.
Ein Bügeleisen ohne Strom leistet gute Dienste.
An iron without electricity does a good job.
Die Druckknöpfe können damit fixiert werden.
The snap fasteners can be fixed with it.
Nach dem Training wird der Besuch in der Stadt gleich für den Großeinkauf genutzt.
After the training, the visit to the city is immediately used for bulk shopping.