Simple and helpful

…are some of the ideas implemented on the model farm in Ghunsa. For example, a water basin was dug out, in which the rainwater is collected. So it can be watered even if there is not enough water in the pipe. To prevent the basin from flooding the fields when it rains heavily, the paths were laid out in a special way. This way the water runs off in an orderly way.

The growth of the plants on the upper fields is much worse, because the shade from the forest falls on them. Here, too, consideration is given to whether one or the other tree can be felled, as they are still on the land purchased by the cooperative.

These and other questions are discussed by Carola Gosch together with Santosh Thapa and Namaraj Silwal on site.

At this point we would like to thank especially the state of Vorarlberg for the support of the project in Ghunsa. Carola Gosch from Roots for Life, Sabine Klotz from Chay Ya Austria and Santosh Silwal from Chay Ya Nepal proved to be a good team in this cooperation project.



Der Wald oberhalb wirft viel Schatten, vielleicht kann der eine oder andere Baum geschlagen werden.
The forest above casts a lot of shade, maybe the one or other tree can be cut down.
Carola Gosch diskutiert mit Santosh Thapa die nächsten Schritte.
Carola Gosch discusses the next steps with Santosh Thapa.