The story of Ehani

…shows us how important the work of our partner Opportunity Village Nepal is. Ehani’s father works like many men in India, she lives along with her mother and siblings. After her uncle had sexually abused her, she had to be taken to hospital with massive injuries. From there she was referred by the authorities to the OVN children’s home. Ehani is very shy and was in shock for a long time. At first they tried to bring her back home, but her uncle has not been arrested, let alone convicted to date. Cases of abuse are often not prosecuted because the families concerned shy away from reporting it. OVN tries to encourage them to do so – often without success because the families of the victims are afraid of revenge. For the time being, Ehani will stay safely in the home to go to school in peace.



Zusammen schaffen es die M├Ądchen!
Together the girls can do it!