They’re professionals

…already, the men and women who build sturdy greenhouses. They have learned how to procure the material, how to measure accurately and how to build good wooden constructions. The old greenhouses had a bamboo construction to which the foil could not be fixed well. The storm destroyed it again and again and the monsoon washed away the beds at the sides. Now all the greenhouses on the model farm are equipped with a stone wall, wooden construction and automatically opening windows. With this, wind and weather should not cloud the success anymore.
The greenhouses in Chyangsar were made possible in part with the financial help of FairStyria. We would like to thank Namgjel Jangpu Sherpa for the great windows. Many thanks!
Die Frauen tragen die Steine zur Baustelle, die sie davor selbst abgebaut haben.
The women carry the stones to the construction site, which they have mined themselves before.

Der Graben verläuft rund um das geplante Gewächshaus.
The trench runs around the planned greenhouse.
Materialien von diesem alten Gewächshaus werden wiederverwendet.
Materials from this old greenhouse are reused.
Automatische Fenster wurden ebenfalls eingebaut.
Automatic windows were also installed.
Und so sieht das fertige Gewächshaus am Ende aus!
And this is what the finished greenhouse looks like at the end!