The selection of women

…for the Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) for organic certification is based on certain criteria. Basically, this project is organized by the cooperative and is therefore only accessible to the members of the cooperative (over 90% of the women are in it). Initially, preference is given to women who have already been actively involved in the cooperative and the training farm in the past and are willing to make their fields available for the training sessions. For a successful project, the participants really have to be present at all training sessions. But the women and also their men from both villages Chyangsar and Ghunsa are very motivated, we are looking forward to the project!

This initiative is financed by FairStyria, the province of Vorarlberg and the Networker for Humanity, among others. Carola Gosch from Roots for Life, Sabine Klotz from Chay Ya Austria and Santosh Silwal from Chay Ya Nepal are a good team in this cooperation project!



Die Felder für die Benutzung werden genau vermessen.
The fields for use are precisely measured.
Jedes Feld ist sehr individuell und muss auch dementsprechend betreut werden.
Each field is very individual and must be managed accordingly.
Zusammen mit Projektpartner HASERA werden die Felder jeder Frau besichtigt.
Together with project partner HASERA the fields of each woman are visited.