Empowering women is essential for families

…and whole villages, as is particularly evident at this time. Many men who used to work in the trekking business as porters or abroad are now at home and unemployed. In addition, the lockdown has been extended until June 16th – without perspectives for the people. The desperation due to the lack of income was initially great. But fortunately there are women! While the men were away, they organized themselves in the cooperative, completed many training sessions, improved their farming skills and grew vegetables. Thanks to their commitment and hard work, they can now get their families through this difficult time more easily. Without them, things would really look worse for the whole village right now. One more reason to continue supporting the women in their activities!

Many thanks to all who support the Sagarmatha Milijuli Mahila Cooperative together with us:

Chay Ya Nepal, Chay Ya Austria, Sabine Klotz, FairStyria Land Vorarlberg, Networker for Humanity as well as all private donors and company sponsors.



Die Frauen haben schon bald wieder auf den Feldern gearbeitet.
The women were soon working in the fields again.