To establish the Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) in the villages

…our partner HASERA proceeds systematically. Through the PGS, the private farms in #Chyangsar and #Ghunsa are now also to receive certification in organic farming. Each year there will be a 5-day introduction in Chyangsar and Ghunsa. Here everything about the PGS will be discussed and first steps will be determined. In addition, the trainers will travel to the villages every quarter in order to provide individual support to the women. In this “field school” the people and their situations can be dealt with in a special way.

This is the plan for 2020. The next cycle of work will then be carried out in 2021.
Not least because of the Corona – situation the men are currently very motivated to support this initiative.

This initiative is financed among others by FairStyria, Land Vorarlberg and the Networker for Humanity. Our partners here are Chay Ya Nepal (Santosh Silwal) and Chay Ya Austria (Sabine Klotz).



Hasera ist dabei unser Partner.
Hasera is our partner here.
Gemeinsam mit dem Social Work Institute wird Hasera die Zertifizierung vorbereiten.
Together with the Social Work Institute Hasera will prepare the certification.
Die Samendatenbank von Hasera war uns ein Vorbild.
The seed database of Hasera was a model for us.
Die Felder auf der Trainingsfarm von oben!
The fields on the training farm from above!