Already more than 30 women

…are happy to be part of the PGS organic certification process in Ghunsa. All details about the women have been carefully recorded and evaluated. We would like to introduce two of them briefly here.
Cheki Maya Tamang lives in a family of four and has 824 m^2 of land at her disposal on which she wants to grow organic vegetables. With the help of the experts from HASERA, she will learn how to produce organic fertiliser and renovate her shed.
Daputi Tamang has a total of 15 family members and wants to provide 507 m^2 of land for organic vegetable growing. Among other things, she is learning from HASERA how to produce organic insecticides and how to prepare the fields for the vegetables in the best possible way. Her large family will support her in the whole process and will also participate.
Together with our partner Chay Ya Nepal and Austria (Sabine Klotz) we are looking after the women. The project is mainly financed by the province of Vorarlberg.
Daputi Tamang misst den Grund für das Gewächshaus ab.
Daputi Tamang measures the ground for the greenhouse.
Beispielhaft werden unter anderem folgende Daten für jede Farmerin erhoben.
As an example, the following data is collected for each farmer.