The first woman with a private greenhouse in Ghunsa

…is Ganga Puri Tamang. She lives in a family of eight and has 676 m^2 of land for vegetable growing near her house. She will cultivate this land under the PGS, the certification in organic vegetable growing. Unfortunately she cannot use the rest of her land because the slopes are too steep or heavily forested. With the help of the experts from HASERA, who are carrying out the certification, she will build a barn for goats and cows, produce organic fertiliser and organic pesticides and learn a varied crop rotation. With this knowledge and her new greenhouse, she will soon be able to provide her family of 8 even better by selling organic vegetables!



Das Grundstück für das Gewächshaus wird vermessen, der Platz festgelegt.
The plot of land for the greenhouse is measured and the location determined.
Es wird mit Materialien aus der Umgebung gearbeitet.
Materials from the environment are used.
Die anderen Frauen helfen Ganga Puri, ihr Gewächshaus aufzustellen.
The other women help Ganga Puri to set up her greenhouse.
Nun kommt noch die Türe rein, dann ist es fertig.
Now the door comes in, then it’s ready.