Full of anticipation

…for the training sessions that will be available locally, the people of Ghunsa have finished building the training hall. Now there is not only the possibility to store the equipment well and safely, but also to create a seed database, to set up a cupboard for a small library of the scholarship girls and to conduct trainings for the PGS project. There are still a few fine details and the interior equipment missing. Especially the exterior can only be finished after the rainy season.

Many thanks at this point especially to the state of Vorarlberg for their support. Chay Ya Austria/Sabine Klotz, Chay Ya Nepal/Santosh Silwal and Carola Gosch are looking forward to seeing the training hall soon.

Angrenzend an die Trainingshalle: Eine verschließbare Toilette.
Adjacent to the training hall: A lockable toilet.
Ein Vordach schützt im Monsun vor Regen.
A canopy protects against rain during the monsoon.
Bald können hier schon Trainings stattfinden.
Soon training sessions can take place here.