“If you work hard, you can achieve anything you want”

…writes to us Binu Khadka from Chyangsar. She’s the president of the Kids Club. It was founded as a sub-group of the women’s cooperative in order to be able to start early and support the girls in their education. Whether it’s leadership skills, teamwork or just English or maths – the Kids Club provides the right framework to support the children. Binu herself writes that through the Kids Club she has much more desire for school and other activities than before and has made great plans for the future: Binu wants to be a doctor.

You can read more about Binu here.

We are proud of Binu and hope we can continue to accompany her on her path for a long time to come. Many thanks to our godparents who support girls like Binu together with us.



Immer wieder hilft sie anderen Kindern bei den Hausübungen.
Again and again she helps other children with their homework.
Kusang spricht mit ihr die notwendigen Artikel für die Schule ab.
Kusang discusses with her the necessary items for the school.
Schon sehr professionell organisiert sie mit den Kindern Lernaktionen aber auch Tänze.
Already very professionally she organizes learning activities and dances with the children.
2018 wurde Binu Präsidentin des Kids Club und hat Carola Gosch mit der “Granny Medaille” geehrt.
In 2018 Binu became president of the Kids Club and honoured Carola Gosch with the “Granny Medal”.