The supply in the villages

…is particularly bad right now. Many families lack money for food, so our partner Opportunity Village has distributed food rations. 11 out of 21 children are currently at home with their parents in the countryside and have each received 30kg of rice, 2 litres of oil, 2kg of salt, 2kg of lentils and 2 packets of spices. This should help them a little bit about this difficult time. 10 girls have stayed in the children’s house at Opportunity Village and they too are well taken care of: before the lockdown, thanks to the financial support of our godparents, a greenhouse could be built and abundantly planted. The vegetables are growing like wild, the girls now have plenty to eat.



Gemeinsames arbeiten im Garten bringt Abwechslung in den Alltag.
Working together in the garden brings variety to everyday life.

Das Kraut wuchert nur so!
The cabbage just grows so fast!