The women in Chyangsar

…get certified organic, like the women in Ghunsa. Through the PGS system used for certification, they learn from the ground up how to farm organically to keep their soils and their families healthy. If enough can be produced, higher prices can be achieved when selling. We would now like to introduce one of the women:

Bhagwati Magar has a total of 7 family members to take care of and 676 m^2 of land available for cultivation. The majority of the land is terraced, therefore its cultivation is not always easy. But together with the experts from HASERA she has planned the cultivation and can now proudly look at the first plants in her own greenhouse!



Wenn die Jungpflanzen ausgesetzt sind, kann das Gewächshaus für Tomaten verwendet werden.
When the young plants are planted outside, the greenhouse can be used for tomatoes.
Auch Bohnen wurden von Frau Magar angepflanzt.
Mrs Magar also planted beans.
Mit den Pflanzen von der Modellfarm hat sie Kohl und Karfiol angebaut.
She used the plants from the model farm to grow cabbage and cauliflower.