Even more dangerous than Corona

…seems to be the lockdown, some experts say. Many people are currently out of work due to the lack of tourists, which has already caused over 800 people to take their own lives. The lack of prospects and desperation is great. But for the children, at least a little bit of normality is coming back: First, the private schools are now partially open again. The public schools are expected to resume operations in 2-3 weeks. In mid-August it is said that they will be allowed to travel within Nepal again. This is also good news for our project partner HASERA, who looks after the women in #Ghunsa and #Chyangsar. They can now finally travel to the villages again. During the lockdown they even took care of the women free of charge by phone, for which we want to say a big THANK YOU!
Also partners Sabine Klotz from Chay Ya Austria and Chay Ya Nepal as well as Carola Gosch from Roots for Life are looking forward to meeting the women from the villages again. Many thanks to the state of Vorarlberg and all private donors who support us!
Rajkumar Rai kann viele Fragen direkt am Telefon mit den Frauen klären.
Rajkumar Rai can clarify many questions directly on the phone with the women.
Auch SWI hält die Koordination mit allen elektronisch aufrecht.
SWI also maintains coordination with everyone electronically.