Even though we cannot provide on-site training at this time

…it’s easy to see how the women are already implementing the contents in an exemplary manner. The vegetables have grown well, both on the training farm and in the women’s private fields. Surplus can even be sold, people from the surrounding area come to the training farm in Ghunsa to buy. The money benefits the whole cooperative for purchases.
At this point we would like to thank SWI, who carry out the content training, as well as Fair Styria for the financial support in Chyangsar and the province of Vorarlberg for the financial support in Ghunsa, where we carry out this project together with our partner Chay-ya Austria and Chay-ya Nepal.
Kohl und Karfiol wachsen bereits wunderbar auf den Feldern der Kooperative.
Cabbage and cauliflower already grow wonderfully in the fields of the cooperative.
Hier ist das Gewächshaus der Kooperative zu sehen.
Here you can see the greenhouse of the cooperative.
Shareholderin der Kooperative Ganga Puri Tamang hat Setzlinge von der Farm auf ihrem eigenen Feld gepflanzt.
Shareholder of the cooperative Ganga Puri Tamang has planted seedlings from the farm in her own field.
So viel Knoblauch konnte auf der Modellfarm bereits geerntet werden!
So much garlic could already be harvested on the model farm!
Auch der Knoblauch kann bereits verkauft werden.
Even the garlic can already be sold.