Our scholarship holders: Dalamu Tamang

From now on we want to introduce some of the scholarship holders from our program at regular intervals. For this purpose we have prepared a questionnaire, which was mostly discussed and filled out by Carola Gosch together with our assistant Racedi Pathak. Dalamu Tamang is the first one:

My favorite place is Lumbini, because it is the birthplace of Buddha, but I don’t want to travel abroad.
I want to become a teacher because a teacher can teach everything.
At the moment I like dancing, but in the future I would like to help disabled people. There are more than 10 in Ghunsa who are mentally or physically handicapped.
I like to sit on a small hill near the village, because when I am there I can see what everyone in the village is doing.
Most of all I am afraid of earthquakes, landslides, but also of not being able to finish my education because my mother is very ill and my father is a porter.
I want to ask my godparents in Europe: Why do they like Nepal and why do they help us?



Viel Wissen über biologischen Anbau lernt Dalamu schon von ihrer Mutter. Hier zum Beispiel die Aufbereitung von Dünger.
Dalamu learns a lot about organic farming from her mother. Here, for example, the preparation of fertilizer.
Dalamu (1.v.l.) und einige der anderen Stipendiatinnen.
Dalamu (1st from left) and some of the other scholarship holders.