Apple harvest

…is what it is currently going on in #Chyangsar! We were very lucky with our apple trees, because there were some difficulties with the order. But the little trees defied them, now apples could be harvested. Also for the apple trees it is not so easy to cope with the climatic conditions at this altitude. However, we are confident that they will make it and that more vitamin-rich apples can be harvested from year to year. Soon the apples can be distributed to the children of the village in specially sewn cloth bags. They are already looking forward to it very much!



Man sieht den Äpfeln an, dass sie auf einer hohen Seehöhe gewachsen sind. Die robuste Sorte trotzt auch den hiesigen Herausforderungen von Wetter und Vegetation.
You can see that the apples are grown at a high altitude. The robust variety also defies the local challenges of weather and vegetation.
Vorsichtig werden die Äpfel von den noch jungen Bäumen geerntet.
Carefully the apples are harvested from the still young trees.
Das Gesamtgewicht der Ernte wird festgelegt.
The total weight of the harvest is determined.
In diesen schönen Sackerln werden die Äpfel an die Kinder verteilt.
In these beautiful bags the apples are distributed to the children.