On today’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women…


…we send some news from our scholarship holders from the Opportunity Village in Pokhara, who are directly affected by this topic.
During the lockdown the school lessons could continue in the Opportunity Village through home schooling. In the house there was also enough food from the own garden and from our greenhouse.

Due to the lockdown some children could not return to the children’s house. To ensure that they still have enough to eat, these families were provided with food. Meanwhile all of them have safely returned to the house. We thank our godparents for their support.

Everything around the Opportunity Village:

“Change The World: Generation Equality Stand Against Rape”








Während des Lockdowns konnte der Schulunterricht durch Home Schooling auch im Opportunity Village weitergehen.
During the lockdown, home schooling enabled schooling to continue in the Opportunity Village.











Damit die Kinder genug zu essen haben, wurden ihre Familien mit Lebensmittel versorgt.
To ensure that the children have enough to eat, their families were provided with food.