Supervision of the projects …


… also means for us to visit the women of Chyangsar in their living environment. Together we talk about the benefits they are getting from short-term initiatives like washing stations and masks in the context of the Corona Pandemic. But also long-term measures like scholarships for the children, farm programs and the improvement of the infrastructure in the houses are topics of our talks.
The women now have a lot of trust in us and so we can achieve a lot together at eye level.

Many thanks in this context explicitly to the Social Work Institute and its staff for their professional cooperation. 


.. teilweise gibt es eigene Duschen oder eben Plätze, wo sich die Frauen gut waschen können.
.. some have their own showers or places where the women can wash themselves.


.. auf die selbstgenähten Binden sind sie stolz, sie werden auch schon eifrig eingesetzt.
… they are proud of the self-made bandages, they are already being used a lot.
.. das fließende Wasser ist immer noch so gut wie immer außerhalb des Hauses.
… the running water is still as good as always outside the house.
.. die neuen Öfen bewähren sich, Wände bleiben hell weil das offene Feuer weg ist.
… the new stoves prove themselves, walls remain bright because the open fire is gone.
.. die Waschstationen sind gut betreut und weil sie an den Wegen stehen, werden sie auch gut genutzt.
… the washing stations are well looked after and because they are located along the paths, they are well used.